Album #7 (1958-75) Photos & Recitals of Michael Ponti, Philippe Entremont (3 tours), Ruggiero Ricci (3 tours), Theodore Lettvin, Muenchner Blaeseroctet, Radu Aldulescu (3 tours), Paul Badura-Skoda, Saschko Gawriloff, Abbey Simon (2 tours), Claude Hellfer, Edith Peinemann (5 tours).

Album #7  (1958 - 1975)

Witwatersrand University Archives of Touring Classical Artists and Groups 

that were invited to Southern Africa to Perform for the Johannesburg Musical Society

Photos dedicated to Hans Adler,  Autograph records and recitals

Hans Adler enthusiastically promoted classical music performances for 25 years as an honorary chairman of the Johannesburg Musical Society from Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Nearly all these performers are/were already internationally acclaimed at the time. To make these tours financially viable, he had to organise the co-operation of numerous musical societies all over Southern Africa. 

Most Musicians and Groups he engaged partook.

So these fairly intensive tours would include stops in Kenya, Belgian Congo, Mozambique, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, South West Africa, six city centres (and the National Broadcasting Corporation for recordings) in South Africa, and also the Indian Ocean Islands of Reunion and Mauritius, often multiple concerts in each city! To make the tours appealing, recreation in the form of Safaris and other attractions were often included, so the artists enjoyed themselves and frequently took their spouses.

This, and the chance to do research in his own personal museum/library are the reasons for the dedications on their photos.

So each photo forms a very real part of their own historic accomplishments, memories and biography. Especially for those musicians and groups that were so sought after that  they did multiple tours (two, three, four and once even five occasions)!


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